The Big Green Fishing Machine From Sea Eagle

The “Big Green Fishing Machine!” You have to admit … it’s got a ‘ring’ to it. What is it, you ask? It’s the latest version of the 285fpb frameless pontoon boat from Sea Eagle.

More specifically, the ‘green fishing machine’ nickname is derived from the new ‘hunter green’ color. It’s essentially the same 285fpb with some nice updated features. The “deluxe” package is basically identical except for the new color. The deluxe package is a minimal set up.

The “pro” package, which is the one most serious fishermen buy, has a new pedestal swivel seat system that is almost identical to the system used on the Sea Eagle FoldCat pontoons. It’s a nice improvement over the previous swivel seat because of it’s convenient release-a-seat mount that makes for a very easy setup and take down. The other major addition to the ‘pro’ package is genuine Scotty┬« mounts for rod holders, something that anglers will surely love. The ‘pro’ version’s motor mount can support an electric motor or up to 3 hp gas engine and a wooden floorboard gives anglers a platform enabling them to stand up and cast.

The ‘Green Machine‘ retains the portability factor of all Sea Eagle watercraft. It still weighs only 42 pounds, packs in a small bag and can be rowed forward or backwards.

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