Video Series – Fly Fishing From The Ground Up

If you are new to fly fishing or want to keep up to date with new information, then you should check out the video series, Fly Fishing From The Ground Up. Jeff Carmichael, a very active fly fisherman and part time writer, has put the series together in an effort to help out novices and even advanced fly casters. Jeff loves to fly fish from a float tube, but the information covered in this series applies to whatever method of fly fishing you prefer.

The series is broken down into six parts, covering the basics, as Jeff puts it, “from the ground up” starting at the fly fisherman’s feet with wading boots. Here is a synopsis of each of the videos and links to Jeff’s blog where you can watch the video and read the additional information that he provides

1. Wading Boots – The do’s and don’ts, what, where and why to buy a particular type and some additional information about the trend to ban felt boots in many states.

2. Waders – Which waders will keep you dry and warm and why they work the way they do. Jeff also looks at the technology of waders from neoprene to breathables.

3. Wading Belts & Safety – How a good wading belt can save you life and why you should use one. Also a few tips on safety in general when fly fishing.

4. Fishing Vests – For a fly fisherman, a fishing vest is essentially their tackle box. Jeff checks out a few vests and talks about fanny packs, fishing packs and lanyards.

5. Clothing For Fly Fishing –  What’s crucial in keeping you dry and warm or dry and cool depending on the season. You’ll learn about jackets, rain gear and other clothing that goes beyond whatever fashion statement you want to make while landing those lunkers.

6. Additional Accessories – Jeff started at the feet and ends up with the head. He’ll talk about the proper hat for protection and functionality as well as other accessories such as gloves and stripping guides to wrap up the series.

Jeff is very personable, passionate and most importantly, very knowledgeable about fly fishing. His favorite quote about the sport is from an unknown author … “The reason I fly fish for trout is because they live in such beautiful places.” I think you’ll enjoy the Fly Fishing From The Ground Up video series. It’s a must for beginners and enlightening for anyone who has been fly fishing for awhile.

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