Organizing Your Kayak Fishing Gear

This is the time of year when “cabin fever” really sets in, especially for fishermen. I guess that’s why I’m seeing more fishing craft sales and fielding more questions about kayak fishing gear and accessories.

Chad Hoover is a top notch fishing ‘guru’ and I found his fishing video on gear management for kayak fishing to be very informative.ChadHoover He calls it a “stealth” approach. A way to organize the gear so you’re not stumbling about your kayak, dropping things and making unnecessary noise should you paddle into a spot where you want to get fishing quickly and quietly.

The video shows how Chad breaks down his gear management system into 3 parts.
1. Where to keep gear and tackle in the kayak.
2. Organizing the items that are on your ‘person’.
3. Incorporating tools into your PFD.

Hopefully you’ll pick up a few tips that will help you land a big one next time you’re kayak fishing.

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