Kayaking in Powell Lake in Florida

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak in Lake Powell, FloridaPowell Lake is a small lake located on the west side of Panama City Beach, Florida. It’s a saltwater lake that’s connected to the Gulf of Mexico. What’s unique about it is that the channel to the Gulf is very small and often too shallow for boats or marine life to pass through. They’ve tried to dredge it, but with no success. I guess that means we won’t be kayaking with any dolphins (something I’ve always wanted to do and came within a half hour of doing last year in Destin, FL – see blog post 6-27-08), but it’s still nice to get back into the water after a long winter. We launched from a sandy beach near the public boat ramp and began our paddle toward the bridge that takes the main highway over the area where the lake narrows into the channel. It was fairly windy, though quite a bit less than the day we arrived. One thing about inflatable kayaks compared to folding or hard shell kayaks is that they do ride higher in the water and the wind can move you around a bit. My cousin and his wife asked if we’d seen any mullets leaping out of the water. We didn’t, however they saw quite a few from the shore after we launched. All in all it was nice paddle to get the year and our trip started.

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