Kayaking Over Tahquamenon Falls

I was born and raised in Michigan and visited the Upper Peninsula on several occasions. One of my favorite natural attractions is Tahquamenon Falls, a 51 foot tall wall of ‘root beer’ colored water that is absolutely beautiful. Nature at it’s finest.

KayakOverTahquamenonFallsHave I ever thought of kayaking over it? No! Is Marcelo Galizio crazy enough to do it? Yes! Marcelo Galizio journeyed to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula from Brazil with his eyes set on Tahquamenon. He has successfully executed a number of first descents over waterfalls 50 feet and higher and decided to add Tahquamenon to the list. While visiting the area, he also spent some time as a guide, something he’s been doing for about 5 years in many areas of the world.

I guess the most radical kayakers in the world must be Brazilian, considering the post I wrote a couple weeks ago about the Brazilians kayaking near the volcano in Hawaii. At least Marcelo’s adventure is in cooler water. Not sure which is the most insane, though. I’ll stick to flat water and reasonable temperatures.

You can see more pictures and a video at Yoopersteez.com.

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