How To Take Better Fish Photos

No matter where you fish from, the shore, a dock, a float tube, pontoon, kayak or a $50,000 bass boat, sometimes you want to save the memory of landing that lunker with a photograph. It’s especially crucial for fishermen who practice ‘catch and release’. It’s tough to brag about the ‘big one’ when all you have is your word, which sometimes can be interpreted as simply a “fish story”.

Taking good pictures can be difficult. Not because it’s hard to take a “simple” picture. It isn’t. But in order to take a “good” picture you need to make some observations of the environment and do a little planning.

No matter what the subject of your photos is, the same principles apply. The subject needs to be the main image you see, the amount of light shouldn’t wash out or put the subject in a shadow and, of course, you shouldn’t move the camera and blur the shot.

All of that is the basic stuff, however there are a few tips that pertain specifically to taking pictures of fish that you might want to check out. An article that was featured in a previous “Paddle The World” newsletter, features 15 tips on how to take better fish photos. Check it out and next time you land that lunker, you can capture the ‘proof’ for those ‘fish story’ doubters.

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