Tips For Canine Kayakers

Actually the title of this story should read “Tips for Kayakers Who Paddle With Their Dog in their Kayak”. I’m not really writing about canines that actually kayak on their own, although that would be, as Steve Martin would say, “a wild and crazy” story, not to mention highly improbable.

Anyway, I do have a few tips for you if you’d like to take your dog along while you enjoy your paddling excursion.
Dog And Sea Eagle Kayak
First, if your dog has never been in a kayak, you’ll want to ease them into the process. Not all animals like to ride along in the same vehicles that us humans do. If you can get them to hop in, take them on a short paddle, on calm water, to see how they react. That will give you a good idea of whether the concept agrees with them.

Some dogs will want to jump into the water for a swim once they are out into the lake or river. NOT a good idea! Their sudden movements when you’re not prepared could tip your kayak over. Also, when they get back into your kayak, you’ll have a sloppy, wet passenger along for the rest of the trip … yuk!

Finally, just like us humans, even good swimmers should wear life vests. There are CFD’s (canine flotation devices) for dogs. They have a convenient handle on the back that can be used to lift the dog back into the kayak.

Hopefully these tips will help you if you’re thinking about bringing “Fido” along on your next kayaking trip. Some dogs really love the ride and make great company. Kayaking can be fun for the whole family, including the canine “kids”!

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