Do It Yourself Kayak Cockpit Cover

Wintertime is downtime for many of us kayakers and even though the weather may not be good enough for paddling, that doesn’t mean you can’t work on your kayak.

I recently ran across an article written by Debra Shields that describes a great method for making a DIY kayak cockpit cover. Now, cockpit covers are predominantly for hard shell kayaks and since I use an open top inflatable kayak, a cockpit cover isn’t something I’d need. DIYCockpitCoverHowever, if you have one of the Innova Swing inflatables or various models of Advanced Element’s inflatable kayaks or a folding kayak (i.e. PakBoat, TRAK or FolBot) then a cockpit cover would be something you might be interested in, especially at a do it yourself price!

Debra tells you how to pick out the material, trace the pattern, cut, buttonhole and hem the cover. She also has pictures showing various steps along the way. It only took her about four hours to make the cover and that included the time it took to take the pictures and enjoy a ‘tea break’.

I’d recommend that you check out the design first to see if it will secure to your particular style kayak before starting the project, but this one looks like it will work for, or can be adapted to fit most kayaks.

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