Inflatable Kayak Blog

The Inflatable Kayak Blog was created in 2008 to share information about inflatable kayaks and other portable watercraft. Over the years the use and design of inflatable boats has changed considerably. What was once called a “pool toy”, the inflatable kayak, has evolved into a high quality water craft that in many cases rivals traditional hard shell kayaks in performance and durability. A really good example of how inflatables can rival hard shells is the growing popularity of inflatable stand up paddle boards. They’re hard as a rock, yet they can be deflated for super convenient storage and transport.

Personal Paddling Experience

The articles in the inflatable kayak blog have been written by actual kayakers who paddle for enjoyment along with friends and family on a fairly regular basis. These personal paddling experiences span the United States and some foreign countries. I hope you enjoy reading about all these adventures … the heart pounding ones, like the alligator encounter … to the casual paddles across the lake chasing a Blue Heron. Many of these personal paddling stories we’re written by myself. However, our readers have submitted articles as well. One especially helpful article show how to make a “doggie deck” for an inflatable kayak. Man’s best friend can also be man’s best kayaking ‘buddy’!

Getting into a Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

Product Reviews and Opinions

The Inflatable Kayak Blog also features reviews of a variety of inflatable boats including float tubes, fishing pontoons in addition to kayaks. Our summary page has a listing of all of our inflatable kayak reviews with links to the individual articles. We have tried to be impartial and provide readers with as much information as we can, both positive and negative. There are several styles and sizes of inflatable kayaks on the market and it’s important to research them well before buying one.

Other Outdoor Perspectives

Several articles in this blog are about topics other than inflatable kayaks. Since kayakers are usually avid outdoors men and women, we’ve posted stories about ORS, the Outdoor Retail Show in Salt Lake City, items about camping, food (Hey, ya gotta eat!), outdoor products other than water craft and more.

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