Inflatable Kayak Review – Innova Helios EX

By Victoria Holt-Adams

I got a new kayak a couple of months ago and wanted to tell you all about it. The Innova Helios EX is a versatile lightweight kayak. It handles like a dream once you get used to it, though I do recommend buying the Helios tandem model if you’re paddling with a partner.

I will admit I was attracted to it not just because of its light weight and faster drying time, but also because it is used by the Canadian Ranger Kayak Patrol for search and rescue work.

I tried the Helios EX, both by itself and with the foot rudder and sail. I have to say, it was very easy to control and handled much better than I expected. Water does tend to get into it quite easily though, and I ended up with a wet bottom. It was a good thing I was wearing a swimming suit so the water didn’t bother me very much.

Much to my amazement, the Innova Helios EX glides right over small obstacles with no damage to the boat. It is very durable and doesn’t roll easily.

I did make certain to intentionally roll it, and found re-boarding to be a breeze. There are no rough spots to catch you up upon re-entry; you just slide right in as if you are greased.

I would recommend the Innova Helios EX to anyone looking for a light weight, yet durable kayak and an investment in good clean fun.

(Victoria Holt-Adams is the mother of two wonderful children, a stay at home mom, semi-professional photographer, and self taught graphic artist. She enjoys a myriad of other activities to stimulate her creative processes.

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