Whitewater Kayaking In Maine – Film

We’re always looking for great places to kayak and recently have been discussing a trip to the northeast. In the process of doing a little advance research, I ran across a video, actually a short film, that was posted on YouTube entitled “The Way We Live” that features whitewater kayaking in Maine, one of our potential kayaking destinations. SeaEagle380xWhitewater

Film editor Taylor Walker combined footage of many whitewater kayakers at various locations in Maine to demonstrate the variety of excellent rivers that span the state. The film was originally presented at the Maine Outdoor Film Festival and then uploaded online in September of 2013.

The scenery is nice and the action is fast and furious. And, even if you’re not a whitewater kayaker, you can see that Maine is a beautiful place to visit and, most likely, you’ll be able to find a beautiful section of water to dip your paddle in.

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