Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks at

Advanced Elements has a wide and varied line of inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats, as well as an inflatable stand up paddle board and various accessories. And now you can shop for Advanced Elements products at

They call them “cutting edge inflatable kayaks™” and they are different from the normal inflatable kayaks you see on the market. You’ll notice immediately that many of the Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks look more like hard shells in that the paddler is enclosed much like a hard shell kayak.

Advanced Elements also incorporates rigidity into their designs, such as their AdvancedFrame™ Kayaks, which are essentially a hybrid of a folding frame kayak and an inflatable kayak. The firm bow and stern on these inflatable kayaks cut through the water to increase tracking. Some say that they track as well as hard shell kayaks, a pretty bold claim for an inflatable.

Portable Kayaks decided to add the Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks to their already large selection in order to expand the number of designs available to their customers. As technology changes and more versions of inflatable kayaks are introduced, shopping for kayaks can become more difficult. hopes that the addition of the Advanced Elements line will make it easier for their shoppers to find the kayak that best fits their paddling needs and styles.

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