Health Benefits of Kayaking

Did you know that paddling a kayak at 4 to 5 miles per hour burns two-thirds of the calories that running at 6.7 miles per hour does? That information and more is in an excellent article I discovered on a web site called

The article is titled “The 20 Health Benefits Of Kayak Exercise: Get Healthy Doing What You Love.” It compares the calorie burning of kayaking to running and various other activities. The article also touches on the history of kayaking, types of kayaks and other logistical subjects.

Probably my favorite section is related to the mental health benefits of kayaking. Reducing stress, gaining confidence and the other emotional benefits of the sport go a long way towards developing a healthy lifestyle. Life can be cruel. It can, sometimes, toss you around like a Class 5 rapids. So anything you can do to settle it all down is worth the positive effort.

Check out the article on the Floating Authority web site.Mental Health Benefits of Kayaking

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