Inflatable Kayak Review – Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

by Sabrina Marx

I have a passion for all water activities, especially those where I get to use a kayak. There is nothing like the feeling of being in a kayak gliding on top of the water, which is why I like to check out various types of kayaks before I purchase a new one.

So when I heard some rumblings about an all-around kayak from Advanced Elements called the AdvancedFrame™ Kayak that was for use in light rapids, moving rivers, or even lakes, I set out on my research.

One of the best tools in my research tool belt is reading the reviews of consumers that have purchased or used the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Kayak. I mean, why make a purchase and evaluate if you can glean information from other paddler’s experiences, right?

The only trouble with that is the time it takes to research the information. After speaking to a few of my kayaking pals, I discovered we all were lamenting about the same thing. So, being the type A personality I am, I decided to be a part of the solution and answer that need by developing a composite review of all the comments I have found on the major review sites from real consumers about the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Kayak.

Features and Benefits – The Good and the Bad

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Kayak “Plus” List

  • Light weight and easy to use in moving water
  • Very stable and comfortable
  • Easy storage and set up (packs in a nylon bag and is ready in 15 minutes or less)
  • Great for beginners
  • Tracks well

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Kayak “Minus” List

  • Small storage (good for overnight trips only)
  • Is not good for use as a white water boat or a Sea Kayak
  • Hard to fit a hand pump in the small storage area
  • Valves can be hard to twist without the aid of pliers

Rating Numbers:
The consumers who posted reviews on gave the AdvancedFrame™ Kayak an average rating of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. The consumers posting reviews on gave an average rating of 5 stars on a scale of 1 to 5.

Inflatable Kayak Review Summary:
Most of the people who have posted their reviews about Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Kayak were very pleased with the overall performance. This rigid inflatable boat is perfect for an overnight adventure but lacks storage for the necessities needed for a longer trip.

However, both beginners and seasoned kayakers found this boat to be very easy to set up. It fits snug into the nylon storage bag, lending it to be stored practically anywhere. If you are looking for a rigid inflatable boat that will handle various types of water, the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Inflatable Kayak appears to be a great choice.

It bears a mention however, that if you need a rigid inflatable kayak that can be used on the ocean, then you will want a boat that is a bit more advanced than this one.
No matter whether you are new to rigid inflatable kayaks or you are an avid paddler like me, reviews can help you find just the right boat for your needs. Rather than spending hours reading through tons of reviews, look for more of my summary reviews here on the Inflatable Kayak Blog.

Until next time, keep your paddle in the water and your butt in the boat!

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