Innova Helios vs Innova Sunny

Deciding which type of kayak to buy is often a tough decision. Especially when the differences between kayaks within a certain brand are, shall we say, not very different. InnovaHelios-InnovaSunnyOn the surface, that seems to be the case with Innova’s Helios 2 and Sunny inflatable kayaks. Other than their color, they look to be fairly similar.

So, we thought we’d go directly to the source, Innova’s designer Tim Rosenhan, for an explanation of the differences between the two. Tim compares the two and makes specific recommendations depending on they type of paddling you intend to do.

I think you’ll find it helpful if you’re shopping for a two person Innova kayak and, even if you’re not, you should find the information useful in general when paddling a tandem inflatable kayak.

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