Gator Sighting at Grayson Beach State Park

So far Destin has provided some interesting locations to paddle. We still had time to get another day of exploring in before we had to head back home. We remembered the couple we met on the Reflections on the waterfirst day mentioned that Grayson Beach State Park had nice places to paddle so that became our last paddle destination on this vacation. It was a pretty area with sand dunes along the beach. The lake was large with several different areas to explore. I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised to see the “Alligators – Swim with Caution” sign. It’s Florida, of course there are alligators!

We put the boat in and headed out in the biggest part of the lake along the shoreline checking out the scenery. We paddled under the low bridge back into another pretty area. There were water lilies along the shore and a neat dock with a gazebo. The water was calm and the reflections of the trees on the water made for some nice pictures. We paddled back as far as we could go in that area and I wanted to get a picture of the water lilies. We weren’t too far from shore when we saw something breaking the surface about 20 feet off the starboard side of the boat. All I saw was a brown, bumpy part that looked like small fins and a long pointed tail. Alligator?! All we could think of was “inflatable kayak and alligator” not a good situation to be in. We paddled as best we could to get out of there FAST! At the time I wasn’t thinking about getting a picture, but now I wish I had. Maybe next time? Let’s hope there isn’t a next time. We did ask the park Ranger on the way out if what we saw was potentially a gator. He said there was a big one that hung out in that area and pretty much confirmed our suspicions.

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