Inflatable Fishing Kayak Review – Advanced Elements StraitEdge Angler

By Sabrina Marx

Hello to all my fellow kayakers out there! It’s me again, bringing you yet another captivating summary review of The Advanced Elements line. Today I’m going to share a bit about the latest gem that caught my eye…the Advanced Elements StraitEdge™ Angler inflatable fishing kayak.

I must say Advanced Elements has been busy bringing us some great kayaks to try out. It has been hard to choose which one to review next, but the Advanced Elements StraitEdge™ Angler inflatable kayak deserves more than just a mention. So, without further ado, here is my compilation of Advanced Elements StraitEdge™ Angler product reviews.

Features and Benefits- The Good and the Bad

The Advanced Elements StraitEdge™ Angler “Plus” List:

  • High-back seat with an inflatable lumbar
  • Pair of rod holders
  • Plenty of storage room behind the seat
  • Supports rail mounted accessories such as forward mounted rod-holders
  • Fits in a duffle bag
  • Hard to flip
  • Load capacity of 300lbs

The Advanced Elements StraitEdge™ Angler “Minus” List:

  • Doesn’t track well
  • A bit heavy (weighing in at 34lbs)
  • Cannot lock the duffle bag (no metal “D” ring)
  • Lacking shoulder straps (cannot use as a backpack for transporting)

Inflatable Fishing Kayak Review Summary:
From what everyone has said about the Advanced Elements StraitEdge™ Angler, it seems that most feel this inflatable kayak is a good choice for fishing trips. Many remarked that the StraitEdge™ Angler handled well in most water conditions and was easy to maneuver.

If you prefer a lighter kayak, you may want to explore other boats. But the StraitEdge™ Angler inflatable boat will handle well for long trips and has ample storage behind the seat. It bears a reminder, for those longer expeditions, some reviewers preferred to add a little extra padding in the seat for a super comfy ride.

All in all, if you are looking for a fishing kayak that will handle well on calm rivers as well as ocean surf, the Advanced Elements StraitEdge™ Angler would be an obvious inflatable kayak choice.

Until next time, keep your paddle in the water, and your butt in the boat!

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