Inflatable Kayak Review – Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

By Sabrina Marx

Hello my friends! Tis I, Sabrina Marx, up to no good again, by picking through and summarizing the reviews of yet another popular portable kayak. Today I am taking on the Sea Eagle 380 Explorer Inflatable Kayak. This particular inflatable boat comes in two variations, the pro and the deluxe. This duo of products from our friends at Sea Eagle gave me quite a challenge with twice the amount of reviews than I expected!

One thing customers like about Sea Eagle kayaks in general is that they are sold in complete packages including pump, paddles and carry bag. With a deluxe package, you get the AB-30 four-piece paddles and the DKS seats, an inflatable seat that offers more back support than most, but not as much as with the Tall Back Seats that come with the pro package. The pro package also has bow and stern storage bags that attach to the kayak, especially good for longer trips. Overwhelmingly, I found that most consumers liked the storage bags in the pro package over the deluxe package, as they offered more space for personal items. The pro package paddles are the four-piece AB-40’s, a slightly nicer paddle.

With reviews so plentiful on the Sea Eagle 380 Explorer, compiling a quick reference list of the details about what people liked and disliked about this inflatable boat was a time consuming task. So without further ado, here is my “Marx marks” on the Sea Eagle 380:

Sea Eagle 380 Explorer Inflatable Kayak “Plus List”:
Comes with a 3 year warranty
Very simple to lift
Easy to get in and out of
Perfect for families with dogs
Can hold a great amount of gear (perfect for camping trips with friends and family)
Maneuvers easily
Pro package seats are very comfortable (High back seats)

Sea Eagle 380 Explorer Inflatable Kayak “Minus List”:
Lacking in tracking
Deluxe package has low back seats which can make for an uncomfortable ride if you are going for a long trip.
Not as fast as some kayaks

Inflatable Kayak Review Summary:
It did appear that a vast majority of consumers found this inflatable boat to be a rugged and durable kayak. It is recommended and approved for use by both the young and “long in the tooth”.

I found quite a few comments saying that this kayak would last for a lifetime of adventures as well. The main points to consider when choosing between the pro or deluxe versions of the Sea Eagle 380 Explorer are the number of storage bags you need and style of seats you prefer. If you are a pack rat and enjoy a cushie ride, go with the Sea Eagle 380 Explorer Pro. If you fall into the minimalist category and don’t need the support of a high back seat, then the Sea Eagle 380 Explorer Deluxe version will serve your needs just fine.

Well, that’s all the inflatable kayak compilation review knowledge I have to expound upon you today. Until next time my friends….keep your paddle in the water and your butt in the boat!

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