How To Choose A Kayak Paddle

Throughout the years there have been a variety of articles posted here on the Inflatable Kayak Blog about how to choose a kayak paddle. I thought it might be helpful if we posted this list to make it easier for you to access the articles.

CannonAsymetricSpoonKayakPaddlesThere are several viewpoints from a variety of writers, as well as 3 videos, that focus on different aspects of choosing a kayak paddle. We recommend that you check out all the information and use what’s relevant to you. Not all the tips apply to all types of paddlers. Take into consideration whether you are a beginner or an expert, what type of paddling you do, flat water or rapids, and your budget. Picking out a kayak paddle doesn’t have to be complicated.

Note: We’ve also included one of our most recent posts in the list for those of you who use your kayak to fish from.

Here’s the list …

Choosing a Kayak Paddle – Personal Preference

How To Choose The Right Kayak Paddle For You

Deciding Which Kayak Paddle Is Right For You

Choosing A Kayak Paddle Length

Video – How To Choose The Right Size Kayak Paddle

Video – Choosing A Kayak Paddle

Video – Choosing The Right Kayak Fishing Paddle

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