Inflatable Kayak Review – Advanced Elements FireFly

By Sabrina Marx

Welcome back my adventurous kayaking friends! Sabrina Marx here, bringing you another exciting summary review from the Advanced elements inflatable kayak line. Today I will be compiling reviews written about the Advanced Elements FireFly™. Now, don’t worry your pretty little heads; I won’t make you read all of the reviews of the Advanced Elements FireFly™. I have done all the dirty work for you! Tightly written below is a carefully researched summary of what consumers had to say about their experiences with this particular inflatable kayak.

Out of all of the reviews I gathered, the Advanced Elements FireFly™ inflatable boat rated consistently with 5 stars on sites such as Amazon. The volunteer reviewers said the Advanced Elements FireFly™ is extremely portable and can go anywhere you go, including on a plane right in the overhead compartment! The Advanced Elements FireFly™ inflatable boat weighs in at a mere 16 lbs, making it just the right size to be considered carry on luggage!

For your convenience, I have listed my infamous “plus” and “minus” points of the Advanced Elements FireFly™, so you can see all that this nifty little inflatable kayak has to offer in a quick glance.

Advanced Elements FireFly™ “Plus” List:
Lightweight (16lbs)
Very compact
Great for lakes and streams
Perfect for beginners
Comes with its own carrying case, tracking fin and repair kit
Very affordable

Advanced Elements FireFly™ “Minus” List:
Can get pulled around by the wind very easily due to the small size and light weight
Seat is on the small side
Not good on anything other than flat-water

Float Tube Review Summary:
According to my review calculations, it seems that the Advanced Elements FireFly™ has more “plus” factors then “minus” factors. Most past purchasers falling into the kayaking “starter” category found the Advanced Elements FireFly™ to be the perfect inflatable boat for them. It’s light weight and compact size allow the Advanced Elements FireFly™ to fit neatly into its own duffle bag. The Advanced Elements FireFly™ also comes equipped with bungee deck lacing and rubber molded handles. Consumers posting reviews on major reviewing sites also took time to comment that they enjoyed the built in mesh pocket on the Advanced Elements FireFly™ for storing small personal items such as keys, wallet, ID, etc…

This particular inflatable kayak rated well with those reviewers who had children, as the Advanced Elements FireFly™ was light and easy to inflate. They further commented that the Advanced Elements FireFly works well for beginners with its good tracking and great stability.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Advanced Elements FireFly™ is best suited for flat water areas. This particular inflatable boat can handle small wakes, but it is definitely not suitable for rough waters. But all in all, the FireFly™ is an interesting find in the Advanced Elements inflatable kayak line and worth checking out.

As Forrest Gump so aptly put it, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.” So, until next time my paddling friends, keep your paddle in the water and your butt in the boat!

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