Inflatable Kayak Review – Innova Sunny

By Sabrina Marx

Yes my friends, I’m back with yet another summary review for an interesting inflatable kayak called the Innova Sunny. With summer well under way, I can imagine you are thinking about that next long holiday weekend kayaking trip. Looking for a new inflatable kayak that will go the distance? From what I have read about the Innova Sunny, it may be just the ticket.

The Sunny is the most popular of the inflatable kayaks offered by Innova. This boat is designed for two paddlers, but can easily be converted for someone paddling solo.

Of the reviews I read, consumers seemed to prefer this kayak for Class 1 rivers or flat water areas. Since the Innova Sunny has a load capacity of 396 pounds, it’s perfect for a short camping trip. A few reviewers stated the Innova Sunny performed well during day trips when they wanted to take in some sites or get in some fishing time. Below you will find my compilation list of consumer reviews for the Innova Sunny, both the good and the bad.

Innova Sunny Inflatable Kayak “Plus List”:
Light weight (29lbs)
Weight capacity of 396 lbs
Easy to lift
Easy to get in and out of
Quick on the water
Durable and stable
Maneuvers very well
Has a great deal of storage room
High back seats

Innova Sunny Inflatable Kayak “Minus” List:
Needs tracking fin to make paddling easier
Only good for class 1 rivers

Inflatable Kayak Review Summary:
The Innova Sunny was reported by many to be light weight, very comfortable and fast on the water. While it is best suited for flatwater and Class 1 rivers, consumers raved about it being one of the best inflatable boats they’d owned. Ideal for day trips as well as camping trips, the flexibility of the Innova Sunny allows consumers to get the most out of their kayaking trip.

This popular inflatable boat works well for either one or two paddlers, while still leaving plenty of storage room for gear. Many reviewers commented that the seats had high backs and made their trip on the water more comfortable.

Reviews for the Innova Sunny inflatable kayak were mainly positive, with little to no complaints. I’d say that seems to place the Innova Sunny as truly one of the best inflatable kayaks on the market today.

That’s about all your roving inflatable kayak reviewer has to say about this week’s compilation review. Until next time, my friends … keep your paddle in the water and your butt in the boat!

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