Sea Eagle 380 Inflatable Kayaks in Movie

Two Sea Eagle 380 Inflatable Kayaks are co-starring in an independent film (documentary) about a kayaking trip down America’s great river, the Mississippi. The movie is titled “The River is Life”. In the Summer of 2009, Ryan Jeanes and Phillip Hullquist were filmed as they paddled two inflatable Sea Eagle kayaks from Lake Itasca, Minnesota (the source of the Mississippi) to New Orleans, Louisiana. They stayed in people’s homes, camped along the riverbanks, and had to contend with wind-swollen lakes, barge traffic, and massive boat wakes.

The documentary is a fun-filled journey with lots of surprises and unique encounters with real people, some a bit on the unusual side. The movie was initially presented in a 42 stop movie tour down the same route as the adventurers paddled. It began August 4th and ended in New Orleans on Halloween night. Jeanes and Hullquist have filmed other documentaries through their production company, 11 Visions, including “The Hitchhiking Movie” where Ryan hitchhikes across the entire United States.

NOTE: The links in this article that pointed to a source of more information about the movie are no longer active.

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