Inflatable Kayak Review – Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible

By Sabrina Marx

Hello my water loving friends! It’s your favorite kayak reviewer, back with another exciting summary review. This time, I am checking out the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Convertible Kayak. And I must say, this inflatable kayak is being touted by reviewers as the BMW of kayaks!

The AdvancedFrame™ Convertible Kayak got consistently rave reviews on Amazon with 4 and 5 star ratings. People loved the adaptable design elements, highlighting the ability to transform the inflatable boat from a one person with lots of storage space, into a tandem kayak so you and a friend can both enjoy a day on the water.

But don’t take my intro as the sole selling point, check out the plus and minus list below and see what consumers had to say about this wonderful product from Advanced Elements.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Convertible Kayak “Plus List”:
Aluminum ribs built in for defining the stern and bow
Can be used for solo or tandem kayaking – (hence the name convertible)
Adjustable seats
Advanced valves for easy inflation
6 chambers and a dry compartment storage area
Very sturdy, comfortable and easy to maneuver

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Convertible Kayak “Minus List”:
Weighs in at 56lbs
Hard to dry without taking the floor out and removing the shell
Possible issues with the inside tubes (one side smaller than the other side)
Takes about 20 minutes to inflate (35 minutes the first time)
Takes about 25 minutes to deflate

Inflatable Kayak Review Summary:
It was easy to see why the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Convertible Kayak was a favorite with anglers, but it does have a few undesirable characteristics. At 56lbs, it may be a bit challenging to carry.

A few reviewers reported that when they first inflated the kayak, it took roughly 35 minutes. Those same consumers added that afterward, subsequent inflations of the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Convertible Kayak took about 20 minutes. Deflating took a bit of time, with many commenting it took 25 minutes, so you’ll want to be sure to allow yourself extra time for setup and take down.

On the upside, reviewers bragged about the sturdiness of this inflatable boat, citing that when they experienced rough patches in the water (such as running into rock weed) the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame™ Convertible Inflatable Kayak came through without a scratch. Very durable!

Overall it seems that this inflatable kayak is a keeper, but if by chance you do have a problem, you can rest assured that the Advanced Elements customer service team is standing by to help you in any way they can. One consumer even raved that when he had to contact the customer service department about a gash in the outer layer of the boat, he was very pleased with the prompt attention and solution to the matter. Well done Advanced Elements!

Until next we meet my water loving friends, remember to keep your paddle in the water and your butt in the boat!

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