Inflatable Kayak Review – Safari Kayak by Innova Inflatable Kayaks

By Sabrina Marx

Hello fellow portable kayaking fans! Sabrina Marx here with another great review summary for your reading pleasure. This time, I’m compiling customer reviews of the Innova Safari inflatable kayak. Innova built the Safari to be very versatile, being able to handle expedition touring, flatwater day trips, ocean surfing, and Class 3 whitewater rivers. That’s quite a wide range of capabilities, but the Safari seems to deliver. It’s actually one of the few inflatable kayaks that can you can execute an Eskimo Roll in. So sit back and relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this review summary.

Features and Benefits- The Good and the Bad
The consumers posting reviews on gave the Innova Safari inflatable kayak an average rating of 8 stars on a scale of 1 to 10. They rated this kayak excellent for use in whitewater as well in calm lakes. So let’s get down the nuts and bolts of the matter at hand.

The Innova Safari Kayak “Plus” List:
Easy setup, packing and daily maintenance
Plenty of on board storage
Good for placid rivers, ocean surf, mountain lakes, and open water as well.
Tracks well with the skeg on.

The Innova Safari Kayak “Minus” List:
The seat is not very comfortable
Has more draft than a rigid whitewater boat
If the boat is packed up before completely dry, it has an odor

Inflatable Kayak Review Summary:
All in all, the majority of consumers were extremely happy with their Safari inflatable kayak by Innova Kayaks. Every review I read had great things to say about their purchase. Several reviewers were considering purchasing multiples of this product for themselves or for gifting to fellow kayak enthusiasts.

That is all I have for you on this fine autumn day, folks. Until next time, keep your paddle in the water and your butt in the boat!

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