Six Day Kayak Trip On The Missouri River

In May of 2012, Beatrice Marx of Kingston, Washington was interviewed in the Sea Eagle blog about her solo trip down the Upper Missouri River in her Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Kayak. The trip lasted six days and six nights and covered 120 miles.
Beatrice loves to kayak by herself. As she explained …  “When I go kayaking, I’m communing with Nature. I’d rather listen to the birds and to Nature’s silence. I tried kayaking with groups, and enjoyed it, but people talk too much.”

The article covers her research and planning and her observations about the historical landmarks she passed along the way. She is such a history buff that she decided to name her kayak “Meriweather” after Meriweather Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame.

You can read the entire interview along with some questions and comments from other readers on the Sea Eagle blog. It’s a good story with lots of helpful insights into what it takes to put together and execute an extended kayak paddling trip.

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